91 Kuo Chia-ling_05

You Can’t Talk with Other People

Single Channel Video, Color without Sound




自2006年的作品《Red Lip》開始,塗有紅色唇膏的嘴巴這個系列作品欲表達的是言說主體以特定姿態傳遞訊息的樣態,這個訊息透過紅色嘴巴或使之成為有意味的發聲。在《You Can’t Talk with Other People》中所述的句子,截自創作者生活事件的敘述(此為詐騙歹徒在電話中向母親所述的句子),這個句子在該事件中占據了關鍵性的地位,它使事件中人的肢體行為皆因這個句子發生變化,因此在這件作品中,使紅色嘴巴述說此句,作為訊息指涉、作為對象指稱、作為一個暗喻的姿態。


Red Lip(2006) , among the “Red Lip” series, was the first attempt to make “red lips”, a subject of speech, as a medium to express and deliver messages. In You Can’t Talk with Other People, the narrative sentence came from the artist’s own true story (The criminal scammed artist’s mom on phone). The sentence was particularly crucial and decisive in the scam phone call to people who were involved. Red lip, as a medium, which delivered the message of a certain sentence, was seen as a referring subject and a metaphorical gesture.