sea move-6

Sea Move

郭嘉羚 Ring, Chia-ling KUO

Single Channel Video Setting, Color without Sound

Dimension of Screen: Variable, Duration of Video: 33’41”






當時,凝視著大海,這個即時的反射回應,成為這件作品的靈感來源。究竟是海浪迎來、凸起的那個螢幕點迎來,抑或是我欲迎向海?這個觸摸,毋寧說是一種觸視(Haptical visuality)的動作,是一種未被身體實踐的真實動作,他必不能以現實世界的身體與海肉體碰觸。





As an artist whose concerned with body action, what will I do if I take the scenery in front of me as a subject of my artwork?

I want to touch it.


I remembered that when I stared at the sea, an instant and nearly impulsive thought came up. I wondered whether the incoming sea waves approached me (like convex point of the video screen) or I desired to get closer to the sea. If I touch the sea waves, the touch can be regarded either as a haptical visuality or as a unrealized action; and, thus, the touch can never be a physical one. The imagination became my inspiration of this piece of artwork.

Therefore, I made a large screen out of Lycra fabric and projected a video image of sea waves onto it. Behind the screen, I built a track along with a mechanical device on the track, which also supports the screen and makes a convex point when the device moved back and forth horizontally from left side to the right side. Both of the position and the moving pace of this device symbolized a gentle touch on the sea horizon with a suggestion of the subject’s emotion.

The convex point on the screen that constantly approached viewers showed its own stance in an imperceptible way. The movement seems like to slice my brain and put my thinking mode on display.