《Another Sky-Meteor》賴珮瑜 Pei-Yu Lai

1-2_Another Sky- Meteor_賴珮瑜Pei yu LAI

《Another Sky-Meteor

單頻道錄像single channel video




作品《Another Sky-Meteor》的內容是台北城市空間的電光速度,畫面中所有光源依據拍攝素材轉換成●的符號,將真實城市的光與速度反映在動態影像畫面中,電照明書寫了我們生活空間的景觀,在燈光亮起的同時,塑造出一個屬於人為的感官世界,電光可以詮釋為地球村(global village)當中的一個景觀圖層,「光」的資訊透露出城市的空間是如何地被部署在我們面前,電光資訊也包含了現代地景與生活速度。


《Another Sky-Meteor》shows the flow and the speed of electricity and light in the urban city Taipei. In the video, the artist interprets every light source shown in the footage into a symbol as ●, which embodies the physical light and speed. Light and electricity construct the spectacle of our living space. When all are lit up, an artificial world of senses is created. We can see light and electricity as one layer of spectacles of the global village. The datas of light reveal how people deploy the urban space. Electricity and light suggest modern urban landscape and speed of life.

The work intends to represents the urban landscape itself. As a result of distances and scales, the speed of urban life disappears in the video and the vehicle flashes like meteors in an starry night. Perception of speed changes at the same time when an interpretation of perception occurs through a real viewing experience.





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