Between Layers_6




我對繪畫裡的色彩疊層、組合、編輯感興趣。繪畫內容從個人的記憶去尋找形體,大多是由第一筆帶動下一筆至結束。作品《Between layers to layers 1-6》是一系列探討繪畫上的空間,藉由媒材的特性和繪畫上疊層(layers)的方式,探討平面繪畫上由形、色及筆觸展現空間感的可能性。使用防塵膠帶此種具有透明性及輕薄的特性來實驗繪畫,將原本於一張畫布裡由一層層顏料的疊加及削減可完成的繪畫,將此動作抽出來一層層剖析。


以帶有透明性質料的疊合來進行物質及繪畫上的疊層,此疊層分為三種:一、顏料和顏料之間的疊層,二、疊層錯位(透明性材質的疊層及移位),三、疊層的兩面性(透明性材質的正、反面)。目的是實驗顏料和顏料之間附著在多層透明膠帶之間的重疊和錯位,並試著在畫面中找到和諧。如《Between layers to layers -5》,使用兩種不同的遮蔽膠帶(綠色布料遮蔽膠帶及黃色牛皮紙遮蔽膠帶)之外,並思考在繪畫裡兩面性的方式,即在平面繪畫上使用透明性材質,出現正面及背面兩種不同的繪畫結果。


Between layers to layers

Hsiao Ya-Hsin


The layers, composition and arrangement of colors exercised in painting fascinate me immensely. The content of a painting resides in personal memories. Most of the time, it is the first stroke that inspires the next to the end when the motif finally forms.


The art series, Between Layers to Layers 1-6, is to explore the space of painting. Via the distinctive nature of mixed mediums and the layer method practiced in painting, the possibilities of illustrating the sense of space presented by shapes, colors and lines on 2D paintings can be investigated.


Dust prevention tape is utilized as a masker in this painting experiment for its light and translucent qualities. The increase and reduction of layers of paint on a canvas form a painting. This very action, adding or ridding colors by applying paint, is being scrutinized with each layer.


Translucent mediums were painted and overlaid to exemplify the series. The layers can be classified into the following three: layers of colors, layers of mediums (the layers and relocating of the translucent mediums) and layers of the duel sides (the front and the back sides of the translucent mediums). The purpose of this experiment is to explore the relationships between colors and the mediums when the paint-attached translucent mediums are overlaid and then flipped over while attempting to create the congruity with the presented colors and composition in the painting. As two different kinds of tape maskers were employed in Between Layers to Layers – 5, green fabric tape and yellow Kraft paper tape. In addition, the duel-sided painting style is being tested by applying the paint to the translucent medium to demonstrate various results on the front and the back sides.